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Books to read to your children

While being a dad can be a very rewarding experience, it is hard for some dads to connect with their children in ways that do not feel like drudgery.  I have seen quite a few couples in which the man does not even read books to his kids at night.  I can actually understand why this happens, given that so many kids books are boring and repetitive.  So here are some books that I have read to my kids.  As you might notice, I value comedy and science over all else when I choose books.  Click on the links to order from the local library system.  They are all for different ages.

The day I lost my superpowers

“What if?  Serious answers to absurd hypothetical questions” (This one is worth buying)

All four “Flanimals” books by Ricky Gervais (Hilarious – definitely worth buying, but the last one is very depressing at the end)

My dad is big and strong… but

The Lorax

The Giving Tree

Baby’s got the blues

There’s a hair in my dirt

Across five Aprils

Once upon a time… the end

Skippyjon Jones 

The stinky cheese man and other fairly stupid tales

Dad’s first day