Marriage & Couples Counseling

A marriage is strong when a couple can confidently say that they are friends and partners. And being lovers makes it even better. But that rarely happens when you don’t have the first two.

Intimacy Problems

Many people are uncomfortable seeing a professional about problems like these. I use a conservative, problem-solving approach that might best be described as engineering rather than therapy, as it involves objective assessment, goals, and a plan.


People who have been unfaithful or who have a tendency to put themselves at risk through sex can change.  They might not be able to change their personalities, but they can change what they do.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Get marriage advice from a professional who specializes in making marriages better. I will also help you identify potential problems in your relationship and help you correct them before you get married.

A Positive, Proactive Approach

My approach to therapy is much more than just talk.  It focuses on making your life better in the most effective, efficient way possible.  It is based on the most current research, it makes sense to my clients, and it is always designed to fit each person’s personal strengths, needs and resources. My clients typically walk out of my office with a more positive view of their relationships and greater understanding of what they need to do to make their lives better. Read More

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Behavioral marriage counseling has consistently been shown to significantly improve the relationships of 70-75% of moderately to severely distressed couples.  Read more about how effective it is at preventing divorce and how couples fare without marriage counseling.

Contact or Request an Appointment

Request an appointment by clicking the link above and filling out the contact form or by calling my office at 434.566.0113. I will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the appointment date and time. I am located at the Boar’s Head Office Complex just off of Ivy Rd (Route 250 West) with convenient access to Route 29, I-64 and the University of Virginia. I see clients by appointment Sunday through Friday.

Why many men don’t have friends

This is the best explanation of why men have a hard time making friends that I have ever seen.  And it will give you a good idea of what you need to do to make friends.  

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A comedic portrayal of married sex: It’s Business Time

You can't accuse me of being stuffy. This video is a pretty funny depiction (probably PG-13) of one thing that is typical of marriage.  If you can't take the pressure and tension out of sex, you're chances of making it better are not very good.  It's not that the...

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