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You don’t want to just stop fighting with your spouse or feeling bad.  You want to be happy. I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Charlottesville, VA. I have found that focusing 100% on the problems in life often serves to perpetuate them.  While we will work on eliminating or alleviating problems in your life, I believe that replacing them with positive interactions, connection, meaning, and fun is crucial.  My clients typically walk out of my office with a greater understanding of what they need to do to make their lives better.  As a therapist, I use approaches that have been repeatedly shown to be either better or equivalent to medication-based treatment, and I never stop learning.  As a consultant I strive to give my clients exactly what they ask for to the extent that I am able, and in keeping with my profession’s ethical standards and the law. To read about my specialties click the links below

My Clients: I work with capable, intelligent people who see room for improvement in their work, their relationships, their ability to find happiness, or their health and overall well-being.  Some of them want to be better at their jobs.  Others want to be better parents or to have a better relationship with their spouse.  Or they want to get past that one thing that is holding them back.  Some of them experience more intense anxiety, stress, conflicts in their marriages, or difficulty changing their own behavior.  But they all come to me because I use the most proven approaches, and what I do makes sense to them.

My Personal Life: Besides my family and psychology, my passions include science and writing and playing rock music, and I have won 7 consecutive pie eating contests.  I am an Air Force veteran, and I love being a psychologist and connecting with other people.  The one thing that makes me happiest is seeing someone do something good for someone else and I think that there needs to be more positivity in the world.


  • Doctor of Psychology – Widener University
  • Master of Arts, Psychology – Widener University
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology – James Madison University