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Pornography Addiction

Much like gambling, pornography is designed to be addictive.  It is a very large industry and people in the industry know how to reel people in – and they make a lot of money doing it.  Using it, or using too much of it, does not make you a bad person.  But it can cause tremendous problems in a relationship.

My approach to treating it is very behavioral in nature.  Unless you have a history of childhood sexual abuse or childhood exposure to pornography, I will not focus on childhood experience, but on your current, or at least recent, life.  We will work on two things that I believe are critical to either minimizing or eliminating use:

  1. Identifying deficits in your current life and/or relationship that are being replaced by pornography use and figuring out how to make your life and relationships better so that you will have less motivation to seek out pornography.
  2. Learning how to avoid triggers for use and learning skills that can be used to avoid it in the moment that you have an urge to use it.