Insurance and Fees


Do you accept insurance?

I am in-network with Aetna and a certified provider with Tricare. If I am out of network with your insurance company, I recommend calling your insurer to find out whether you have any out-of-network benefits. Many companies cover at least some portion of my fee out-of-network. If you do have out-of-network coverage, I am happy to file those claims for you. I am not in-network with Medicare or Medicaid, and they will not reimburse you for any portion of my fee nor will your supplemental insurance cover my fee.

How much do you charge?

If I am in your network, and your diagnosis code is covered by your insurer, you will only be responsible for a copay and possibly co-insurance, assuming that your deductible has been met. I recommend calling your insurer to find out what these amounts are. If it is not covered, my fee is $140 per session. I never charge for both members of a couple. I do not charge an extra fee for the first appointment. I will always work to make therapy as efficient and effective as possible, and I will strive not to waste your time or your money.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

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