Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage can be a very fulfilling and rewarding, but many people get married without being prepared.  I believe that there are two major components of becoming prepared.  I focus on both so that your marriage can have the best chance of lasting and being rewarding.

1.  Learning basic skills to cope with problems that inherently come up, even in healthy marriages.  These include:

  • negotiating how finances and parenting will be handled;
  • recognizing any differences in each person’s beliefs, values and expectations – and learning how to agree to disagree when necessary while minimizing conflict;
  • articulating each person’s expectations about marital roles and obligations, and negotiating any differences that exist; and
  • learning how to navigate problems that commonly occur in dealing with in-laws.

2.  Identifying any potential or simmering problems that exist in your particular relationship and coming up with solutions that are specific to you, your skills, your needs, and your situation.

I conduct counseling over three sessions and I charge $125 per session.